Phone System Features That Make Customer Service Easier

The primary reason for using a third-party phone system is that it often comes with features that you do not want to invest the resources into developing yourself with your own proprietary phone system. There are several exciting features that your business can benefit from when using a third-party phone system.

Flexibility When Accessing the Phone System

You will want your company to be able to use any device to access your phone system. This can include a mobile device, an IP phone, or a computer with a mobile headset. While various devices can be used, the calls are always handled internally and are not sent to an external PSTN.

Cloud Call Queues

With cloud call queues, you will be able to configure how your calls are managed. You will be able to set up:

  • Whether music plays when a caller is on hold and how long the music will play
  • The initial greeting
  • A search service for the next available call agent

As a result, you will have more control over how you provide customer service. As an alternative to call forwarding, there is also call sharing. This allows a user to share an incoming call with when they are unavailable and both users are allowed to configure how they send and receive calls. This can be a much more convenient option for your business. Also, if a user is on one device, such as an IP phone, they can then transfer the call to a mobile phone or computer.

Full User Control

You will need to give your users as much control as possible over how they handle their calls. This will allow your company to provide customer service in a more efficient manner. You will want the user to be able to answer inbound calls with a single touch and should be able to place outbound calls very efficiently. The users should also be able to set the rules for all forwarding.

For the users to gain access to the phone system, each of them will need to be assigned a phone number. You will be allowed to port or transfer existing numbers, and you will also be able to obtain new numbers from the Teams admin center.

Place a Call On Hold

Placing a call on hold is easier than ever because the action generates a unique ID that can then be retrieved by anyone. Each of these features can make serving customers much more efficient.

For more information, contact an Office 365 phone system service near you.

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The primary reason for using a third-party phone system is that it often comes with features that you do not want to invest the resources into develop